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I’m the Owner and Founder of KTM Digital. I believe no business should have to forego marketing due to budget constraints or technical challenges. I’m here to make marketing easy and attainable.

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What do I believe in?

I believe we can and should learn something new every day.

I believe in being honest with ourselves and with each other.

I believe in checklists, and I have checklists for my checklists. Not kidding.

I believe that marketing your small business does not need to be difficult.

And I believe that your business deserves a strong presence.

My Story

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I spent a few years studying computer programming, and while I still enjoy being very tech savvy, I ultimately switched to marketing. It just speaks to me. After I earned by Bachelor’s Degree, I put my education to work. I spent over five years with a commercial real estate firm in Pittsburgh, PA where I’m currently based. 

It was there that I learned not only how B2B marketing works, but I also learned how to effectively communicate with business owners and executives. 

I noticed I was always helping others to understand technology. I ran with it, and KTM Digital was born. I began working gigs with small businesses owners and entrepreneurs in the Pittsburgh area, and it quickly became my passion. Now I get to educate business owners everywhere!

Fun facts: I love meditation, journaling, a good bourbon, and spending time with my husband and our son.

What is it like working with me?

Some of the regular feedback from clients and past colleagues includes: always in a pleasant mood, proactive, possess strong problem-solving skills, and I am good at keeping details to a need-to-know basis. I worked hard to refine these traits! Because of this, my clients are able to be rather hands off when it comes to marketing their business. 

We’ll spend a little time onboarding, where I’ll clearly communicate each step, grab what I need from you, and tell you what to expect next. We’ll set priorities and deadlines, and if needed, we’ll establish a standard operating procedure for each task.

I understand that a lot of this technology is very new and foreign to a lot of people. I won’t spend time getting into detailed terminology unless that is your thing.

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